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John’s behavioural¬†methods that promote innovation, cooperation, collaboration and excellence are sought after by Business, Colleges, Schools and Universities. He writes modules and learning programmes on Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Confidence building, Leadership, Strategy, Innovation and Creativity for Competitive Advantage at:
the London Business School (as part of the Innovation Exchange); the University of Sheffield Management School for the Executive MBA; the University of Birmingham Business School (International MBA) and Ryan (RyanAir) Academy for Entrepreneurship in Dublin. His ‘Creativity for Competitive¬†Advantage¬† course was mandatory for all new students at Birmingham Business School.He has recently developed and delivered the Technology Entrepreneurship courses at Birmingham City University, in part, for the CISCO and Microsoft Academy. He has lectured on Leadership and Innovation at Universities in Hong Kong, China and at the National University of Singapore. In the UK, John mentored ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ and currently is mentoring entrepreneurs and delivering leadership courses for the Young Foundation, a charity, as part of its national campaign to help develop social enterprise and empower young people. John has studied the Finnish methods for learning and has visiting Tampere in Finland and shared experiences via the advent of the European Academy for Innovation and Enterprise.

You are welcome to use the slides, please acknowledge their use. We want to empower; the young, commmunities, individuals, buisness people, teachers, parents, organisations, and people who wish others to benefit, from their own insights – please share your experiences. We will be producing a series of free PDFs, links etc and other materials to support these confidence building activities. We are keen to know any feedback. All images, slide photographs and concept of creativity4confidence by John Rainford.


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Watch and be incredibly inspired, useful classroom discussions, around creativity, including humour, and the use of words and pictures.
Links to useful creative videos; please email me with any others that you consider valuable, my thanks.


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