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iron bridge lo res

  • The Foster kids (Acrylic)

Personal Development through reflection – eg; painting and/or photography is a must for people who want to develop observational and leadership skills. Visualisation is key to greater understanding and enlightenment. The process of expression demands discipline, and if we are to get better at what we do –  reflection, a leadership trait. This is some of my work.

A few years ago we fostered 4 children. It was unremarkable in the sense that, like many other foster carers, we, as a family, had given them a safe and caring home. What surprised us, though, was how well they took to the “Darwin Matrix Creativity’ course I was running at Birmingham University. After the (at home) course their confidence was so high they were volunteering for everything at school. Their headmistress couldn’t praise the children enough. I wondered whether this course could be useful for older kids who felt they were sad or somehow disadvantaged? So I ran the same course for 18 to 21 year olds, here are a few of their testimonials…

“I am confident now that I won’t be lost anymore, thank you!” Cosmo. “I battled some inner demons today and I feel this event has created a turning point in my life.” Rowan. “Fantastic experience, really opened my eyes” Gena

After these encouraging comments, about the Darwin Matrix, the “Young Foundation’ a national charity asked us to deliver a similar course to help to empower young people. We have combined these techniques to help young people gain creative business skills and have helped 2 schools win national awards through a charity called “Young Enterprise’.

At the end of the course you will have a different perspective, no matter how cynical you thought you were. You will never, ever, think the same again.



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