World Enterprise Academy (film*)

“John Rainford is a renowned world expert in the field of creativity
and innovation.  He has an enormous range of experience in many
organisational sectors and is at the leading edge of thought on creativity
and innovation.”
Dr John Potter, formerly of Sandhurst, Royal Military Leadership Academy

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The idea for the World Enterprise Academy is to enable communities to share innovation, best practice and understand each others values and cultures. It aims to revolutionise education through providing creative tools and knowledge. It will provide a free resource that will help teachers and educators to transform the societies in which they live. Entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial thinking should embrace all cultures for the betterment of man and women-kind, and of course to empower young people, families, communities and our future leaders.

We will help to create tomorrow’s innovation and entrepreneurial leaders in their respective communities.
In doing so, we will have the benefit of using the network to help with social enterprise and the economy with new global goods and services.

The film has been created by the Rainford family.
Strawberry Fields is offering free places for a Leadership and Enterprise course, for would-be entrepreneurs, between the ages of 18 and 21 years of age.
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