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“I battled some inner demons today and I feel this event has created a turning point in my life. Thank You.” Rowan O’Connnor

“I am confident I wont be lost anymore, thank you.” Cosmo Southall

“A true paradigm shift. I now have a new perspective on how to tackle my demons. Thank you” Liz Painter

“Fantastic, explained everything and helped me to understand more about how self confidence comes from within. Thank you so much, I feel excited and liberated” Gena Jenkins

“Mind opening and mind altering, the world is at your feet, you just have to reach out in the right way, this course has changed my life.” Michael Graham


“This is the best training I have had in 25 years” Tony Goodwin, MD, One4Allhire, Business Owner

John’s ‘Creativity for Competitive Advantage’ course was mandatory for All of our students on our main MBA programme” Professor Jonathan Michie, Former Director, University of Birmingham Business School

“The only people we wouldn’t recommend John Rainford to are our competitors.” David Jarvis, MD, Procase, Business International

“Thanks for the exciting workshops on creativity and innovation, very powerful!!!”  Nicola Heron, Sheffield Executive, Induction for MBA programme

“John’s course is life changing! Hamdi Derwaki, Birmingham Business School, MBA student.

“I highly recommend John’s course, if you want to get a competitive edge in business.” Hirofumi Kimishima, Birmingham Business School.

“The answer is there to all our problems, we just need to look at them with different lenses. For me this course is the future of learning, the next Big thing in leadership” Afzal Shah, Upriser Talent

“I thought I didn’t have a creative bone in my body until I took John’s course.” Ann Williams, Business Coach and Advisor

“The gaps in your knowledge can have a profound effect on your future. Considering other possibilities and having more choices for your business or career path is definitely a must.” Graham Pheonix, Derbyshire News International 

John’s insights and creative approach to developing leadership skills are just amazing!”  Zehra Zaidi, Director, Young Foundation

“John Rainford is a renowned world expert on creativity and at the leading edge of thought on creativity and innovation” Dr John Potter, Formerly course Director at Sandhurst Royal Military Leadership Academy.

Consider this – “The unapparent connection is more powerful than the apparent one” Heraclitus, 500 BC. 

This part of the website is about information on creativity and creative programmes that will help you to develop lessons on leadership, entrepreneurship and creativity.

I have plenty of examples of ‘how we can create an entrepreneurial and creative culture within the classroom”, so please email (see below) if you would like copies.

Please feel free to ask any questions you want, and direct any enquiries to John using the Contact form.

I am happy to send links and pdfs. We have been working recently with further educational establishments in Tampere in Finland to get some insights into the Fiinish way of building leadership, teambuilding techniques and confidence in schools and Universities. see

Collective individualism somehow describes reasonably well how as a society can act as individuals as part of a collective. The two concepts are not diametrically opposed, rather they can work in harmony with the right empathy and mindset.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, involved over 50 countries, was originally developed by Babson College and the London Business School. It has identified building ‘confidence’ in decision making as a key driver to boost the number of business start ups, and as a decisive factor in helping business growth. The focus, therefore, will be on developing an enterprising culture that engages business, education and community. That looks at developing entrepreneurial skill-set’s. Recent developments in education in the past 10 years, in Finland, has helped to develop entrepreneurial activity at all levels for both nascent and actual business activity.

For example in Pro- Academy of Applied Science in Tampere we have been working with course directors in Entrepreneurship where 20% of the students take on a business and the remaining 80% are sought after by employers. A 100 % success rate. I would strongly recommend that you pay a visit to PRO- Academy, Tampere. We are deploying similar techniques in various Universities and Colleges in the UK and different parts of the world.


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