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“I thought I didn’t have a creative bone in my body, until I went on one of John’s Creativity courses.” Ann Williams, Business Advisor, and coach.

“It made me think about my business in a different way, I followed the suggestions and it opened my eyes to new possibilities.” Andrew Turner, Managing Director, Aroma Coffee.

Creativity can be a complex subject, it means a lot of things to a great many people. It encompasses the Arts, Music and Theatre to name a few. I will be inviting comments on what creativity means to different ‘creatives’, so that we can have the benefit of their views and insights.
Governments, Universities, Corporations and communities know that creativity is very valuable, but making it work to order is a difficult feat. Understanding Creativity and how people respond, is the key to igniting it. Do you remember the 3Rs at school, Writing, Arithmetic and Mathematics? There was one important aspect written out of our learning with somewhat dire consequences – that of visualisation. The tools which we instinctively used to express and solve problems in a visual way were deemed by the education authorities less important. Visualisation is the first means by which we learn as children and the gateway to our subconscious and our creative self.

It has another huge benefit, that of empowerment and self confidence through encouraging ‘creative’ self expression. The creative tools we use are designed to open up the creativity within individuals and organisations. In fact, though this may seem controversial, confidence and creativity are two sides of the same coin. Many people will suggest that they are not creative, but after a very short experiential session we can prove that indeed people are creative, it is just that it is repressed or lies dormant. Once re-activated we can proceed with a programme of building self esteem, self assertion and self actualisation. This improves the dynamics of the individuals and whatever organisation they are affiliated to.

Coaches and Teachers
We will include a series of lessons and coaching material to help visitors to the site gain practical knowledge of creativity. It will encompass the Arts, Music, Theatre and other media communications, we will be have useful links to other sites and recommend reading materials where appropriate. We strongly recommend ‘reflection’ to be included as part of the learning process, either to challenge the current thinking and as a feedback to improve the quality of the content of the site.
The first useful interaction comes from the slide show contained on each web page, it is full of quotations which is meant to invite debate and reflection. A PDF will accompany each slide as a guide. Please feel free to email me about content on the Contact Form.

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